Competency-based DG training and assessment for Flight Crew (Classroom)

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This course is based on the standard elements published by IATA plus the assessed training needs provided by the participant’s employer/Airline.

We believe in classroom environment for ultimate learning experience with competency-based learning.

Competency-based training and assessment for Flight Crew

The Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) course for flight crew is a cutting-edge training program designed to enhance the aviation industry's approach to pilot training. Unlike traditional methods, which rely heavily on fixed training hours and specific lesson plans, CBTA focuses on individual proficiency and skill mastery.

This innovative course is tailored to each pilot's learning pace, allowing them to progress through the training modules at their own speed. The emphasis is on competency, ensuring that flight crew members are not just familiar with procedures, but are fully capable of applying their knowledge in real-world scenarios.


  • Dangerous goods applicability
  • Understand the general limitations
  • Identify roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding the importance of classification & packaging
  • Understand hazard communication
  • Familiarizing with the basic emergency response
  • Transporting cargo/baggage; Manage DG pre and during flight
  • Collecting safety data; accidents, incident, undeclared/mis-declared DG and occurrences

For who
Flight crew.

Good understanding of the English language

Staff member will be aware of the risks of transporting dangerous goods and recognises DG in the operation, after pass of 80% during examination.

Duration of the course
Eight hours in a (virtual) classroom.

Study material
The client must have a laptop with wifi connection and with webcam capabilities.

The course should be renewed after 24 months to stay current.


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