Clément Aviation Academy

We provide professional courses for aviation organisations.



 Clément Aviation Academy provides several professional courses for aviation organisations.

Make your selection and register for your course at any time and place at your convenience


Looking for expert aviation consultancy services? Our team of professionals are specialised in a wide range of areas.

We help you to streamline your processes, increase efficiency, and take your aviation operations to new heights. 

Who is Clément?

Clément Aviation Company is named after aviation pioneer Clément van Maasdijk (1885-1910), one of the first pilots to fly with a double-deck winged aircraft. He demonstrated to the public what flying could mean for our future. His crash also showed how vulnerable we are in the air, and the same risks apply nowadays. Humankind developed better aircraft, managed maintenance, secured passengers, enhanced crew training and introduced a management system.

Clément Aviation Company provides all the tools to assist training organisations and operators to go beyond the standard management systems that regulations require by offering tailored risk assessments and continuously developing and enhancing our product and service offerings.

Company Statement

We believe in equal opportunities for everyone. We support our customers, employees and any other persons that are willing to develop themselves to help others.

Clément Aviation Company’s goal is to improve the safety and integrity of the aviation industry by teaching and delivering solutions for aviation challenges.

Through education, Clément Aviation Company supports civil society organisations, like Scout-Out and NuDus Scouts, that help scouts to develop mentally, physically and academically whilst also promoting environmental protection. 

Scout Out
Scout Out

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