FSTD Organisation Course

 2.399,00 excl. VAT

This course is developed to train new staff for a simulator training center about all the processes related to an FSTD operator, according EASA Aircrew (EU) No 1178/2011 and CS-FSTD.

26 till 29 February 2024, Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
27 till 30 May 2024, Location: Zagreb, Croatia
16 till 19 September, Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This course is developed to ensure new staff for a simulator training center are competent to perform their duties according EASA Aircrew (EU) No 1178/2011 and CS-FSTD.

This course is devided in 15 modules representing each process as a module.

1.Regulation and applicable requirements and initial qualification
2.Maintaining qualification
3.QTG handling
4.Configuration control
5.Performance Monitoring
6.Customer satisfaction
7.Recurrent evaluation
8.Managing facilities, Local Health and Safety regulations and Safety Features
9.Initial Qualification Process
10.Preventive Maintenance
11.Management System
12.Spare Parts control, tools calibration and inspection
13.Recruiting and competencies of staff
14.Service requests process
15.Compliance Monitoring Program

For who
Management staff of FSTD Operators, NAA Inspectors and Training Managers

Certain experience in aviation training environment

A qualified individual will be acceptable for the NAA. The certificate is provided after a 75% pass rate during the examination.

Duration of the course
The course is a four (4) days course.

Study material
The material provided contains the applicable regulations in electronic files.
The client must have a laptop with wifi connection and webcam capabilities.

VAT is charged to Dutch clients. Clients from within the EU are required to add the applicable national VAT rates to their tax declaration. 


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