Privacy Policy


Due to European Regulations on protecting personal information, Clément Aviation Company and its mother organisation states that it keeps personal information in file. This information is solely kept as a trainee file during the course that is followed at Clément Aviation Company. According EASA regulations all training records shall be retained for a period of five years. After this period all training records shall be destroyed.

A copy of these records may be requested at any time, as long as the organisation has them on file. Information that is not required by the organisation, but is received from any external source, will be destroyed earlier. Clément Aviation Company is transparent about the information it retains.

Personal information will not be shared with third parties, unless this is needed for the continuation of the education or is requested by the competent authority. Personal information or data will never be used for commercial purposes.

Any irregularity in regards to the protection of all information within Clément Aviation Company, should be reported as soon as practical via

Clients are made aware of this statement.

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